Keynote #1 High Performance In A Rapidly Changing World

67% of employees in the United States are not engaged at work, with disengaged employees costing the country somewhere between $450 and $550 billion each year.

While modern technology including social media provides organizations with the opportunity to amplify their message, it also provides further distractions for disengaged employees, leading to lower productivity and overall performance.

In this talk, you’ll discover the importance of emotional intelligence in today’s digital world, and how to maximize your team’s performance, productivity, and ability to utilize modern technology in a way that achieves greater results.

Keynote #2 Building An Innovation Culture

Our world is evolving faster than at any time in human history… this is just the beginning. One of the greatest assets an organization can develop is the ability to adapt to change.

As new technologies enter the market, innovation, creativity & adaptability are what provide us with the opportunity to maximize their potential and magnify our impact.

In this talk, you’ll learn why people naturally resist change and how to foster a culture of innovation to unlock the limitless potential that lies at the intersection of people & technology.

Keynote #3 Challenge What’s Possible

Certainty of your outcome, the courage to back yourself, and the willingness to step into the unknown without having all of the answers, are all vital traits in challenging what’s possible in today’s modern age.

What holds so many people back is the lack of clarity in their vision, belief in their abilities and spending far too much time inside of their comfort zones.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to break free from your previous limits, tap into your limitless potential and proactively handle any situation you’re exposed to in work or in life.

Cameron’s song ‘Home’ about achieving your full potential can be performed live on stage during this talk:

Keynote #4 The Psychology Of Social Selling

Building a high quality network in today’s modern age can produce a phenomenal return on investment. Unfortunately, the majority of people still don’t understand how to leverage the latest technology to build real relationships & opportunities.

In this talk you’ll discover how to build a highly profitable professional network, why emotional intelligence plays a vital role in your success online, and how to use LinkedIn as a social selling platform to develop opportunities on a global level.

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In a world that is changing faster than ever, developing a workforce that is high performing, highly productive and adaptable to change is vital.

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