Keynote #1 Leaving A Lasting Legacy

We each have the ability to make an impact in this world on 3 different levels; We can make an impact in our own lives, we can make an impact in others’ lives, and we can impact the planet too.

In this talk, we explore how to achieve your next level of excellence & leave a lasting legacy that positively impacts both humanity and the planet.

Keynote #2 Hybrid: Human & Machine

Our world is evolving faster than at any time in human history… this is just the beginning. The greatest asset an organization can develop is the ability to adapt to change.

As new technologies enter the market, human traits of curiosity, creativity & courage are what provide us with the opportunity to maximize their potential and magnify our impact.

In this talk, you’ll learn why people naturally resist change and how to rewire your organization’s thinking to unlock the limitless potential that lies at the intersection of people & technology.

An example of music that can be performed live during the keynote is ‘Our Modern Connection’ to showcase the challenges that technology presents:


For something to be created, there must be space for it to be created into.

Curiosity is the gateway to creativity and innovation, and the path to taking inspired action in a way that produces tangible results for whatever you are working on; a company, an invention, a work of art etc.

Time is precious and it can be very easy to fill the ‘space’. But if you allow that nothingness that is paradoxically everything at the same time to flow through you, you tap into the power that creative geniuses, for centuries, have utilised to create masterpieces.

The music & video used in this talk is my song about creativity & fulfilling your purpose called ‘Home’:

Keynote #4 The Power Of Relationships

Building a high quality network in today’s modern age can produce a phenomenal return on investment. Unfortunately, the majority of people still don’t understand how to leverage the latest technology to build real relationships & opportunities.

In this talk you’ll discover how to build a profitable professional network, why emotional intelligence plays a vital role in your success online, and how to use the latest social selling technology to build relationships on a global level.

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I have the honor of speaking to audiences around the world on how to thrive in today’s modern age. This helps people build better companies, live extraordinary lives, make a positive impact and deepen the connection they have with themselves, others and the planet too.

The music I create that has reached millions in 195 countries is used in a number of my speaking engagements in a way that has a lasting and memorable impact on the audience. Depending on the scope of your event, this can either include the recorded version or music performed by me live during the keynote on a grand piano.

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When someone is thriving in their lives both personally and professionally, they’re in flow, they’re doing their best work, they are happier, more connected, higher performing and highly productive.

Whether it’s increasing their level of happiness and engagement, breaking through to new levels of excellence, developing their creative thinking or learning how to build stronger professional networks, training can be done either in person or online, and is delivered in a way that is engaging, interactive & helps participants achieve their highest potential.

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From humble beginnings in outback Australia to impacting millions of lives around the world, I love sharing the insights I’ve gained along the way on how to achieve your highest potential. I discuss topics including happiness, social isolation, creative thinking and networking in today’s digital age.

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