Cameron loves bringing out the best in people – It leads to greater performance, innovation and mental toughness.

He helps organizations do this through the delivery of multi-sensory keynotes at annual conferences, corporate retreats and exclusive evening events, blending education with storytelling videos & live music on a grand piano to create a lasting & memorable impact on the audience.

As a result, Cameron has been featured in the media in 7 different countries, had more than 3.5 million organic views of his videos in 195 countries, and spoken at events across 4 continents.

He then backs that up with ongoing training and private breakthrough experiences for successful entrepreneurs, C-level executives and their teams.

Our world is changing faster than ever. To deal with this, companies need a workforce that is fully engaged, high performing and adaptable to change.

But 67% of employees in North America are still not engaged or actively disengaged at work, with actively disengaged employees cost $450 billion to $550 billion per year alone.

Cameron helps solve this by helping companies develop high performance teams, increase innovation, employee engagement, emotional intelligence and adaptability to change.

In 2018, he traveled to Rome to deliver the closing talk ‘What Future Are We Creating?’ at Italy’s largest TEDx event.

For the talk, Cameron showed how the purposeful use of technology can speed up and magnify our creativity, innovation and impact.

He secretly worked with more than 80 strangers from 40 countries around the world in the lead up to the event (all through digital technology), creating an animated split screen music video that played while he performed the song ‘There Is Still Time‘ live on a grand piano during his talk.

In our fast-paced world, Cameron loves helping people achieve their highest potential. We each have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in this world and he believes in helping good people and their companies do exactly that.

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