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Born and raised in outback Australia, I’m very passionate about showing people what’s possible, no matter where you come from.

I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be happy, to live fully, to experience the world and genuinely feel like they’ve made a positive impact, no matter how big or small that is.

I love that from humble beginnings, I now have the honor of helping good people do exactly that, because when good people thrive, they do more good, and that’s what can truly change the world.

  • NOV 1984

    Born and raised on a farm in outback Australia. While we were pretty isolated back then, one thing we had plenty of was space… space to be creative and be curious and explore.

    That’s me on the right with my brother as we made tunnels in the marshmallow plants. It rained a lot that year!

  • 1993

    ‘Kanga’, our pet kangaroo came into our lives and became a very special part of our family until she passed away recently.

  • 1993

    With exposure to the piano at a very young age, I had my first official music lesson in 1993 and absolutely loved it. This is a photo of me playing at my Auntie and Uncle’s home in Brisbane in front of my family.

  • 2000

    After years of lessons, I went through a really rough time in my life and stopped playing altogether for two years. Then one day, I was walking past the piano and thought ‘I’ll give this another go’. I played everything by ear and soon after, I wrote my first original song.

  • 2002

    Back then, living in a remote part of Australia had its limitations. I studied music in my final year of school with my singing teacher living 800kms away. The internet wasn’t what it is today so each week, I had my singing lesson over the phone via what was called Open Access.

  • 2002

    I submitted one of my songs ‘Save This Moment’ to the ASME songwriting competition. I still remember exactly where I was when I opened the letter that said I had come in 3rd place in the ‘rock and popular music’ category.

    I received a personal letter from our member of parliament and was invited to perform the song at the official awards night in Adelaide.

  • FEB 2003

    After recording 20 of my best songs onto a CD, I moved to the city after being accepted into university, studying psychology.

  • NOV 2004

    I partied way too much and became another university drop out. On the plus side, it gave me more time to focus on growing my afro… and grow it I did!

  • 2006

    Read my first ever self improvement book called ‘What Matters Most – The Power of Living Your Values’.

    I was hooked, and embarked on a journey of personal and professional development. Over the next 10 years, I learned from the greatest minds of our time, understanding what truly makes a life worth living.

  • MAR 2008

    Got my first real taste of what it means to give back and make a positive impact in the world. I shaved my afro to help raise money for cancer research… After more than 2 years without a haircut, it was all gone!

  • 2010

    From 2005 to 2010, I clocked up over 7,000 hours in sales, management and training roles in big box retail and apparently still hold the record in one of the stores for the most amount sold in a single day. I worked hard, but never took myself too seriously… This was me taking a quick break from serving customers dressed as Santa. When I wasn’t at work, I was writing new songs, studying music production and playing live gigs.

  • MID 2010

    My life changed forever. I heard a neighbour screaming out one evening and ran over to find that she had just found her son… he’d killed himself earlier that day.

    That had a profound impact on me and I knew it was time to dedicate my life to helping others.

    It was around that time that I wrote ‘Close To The Edge’, a song about bullying & suicide.

  • LATE 2010

    Started my first coaching business and ramped up studies in the field of personal, professional and business excellence. I invested all the time, money and energy I had and went through an intense period of rapid transformational growth.

    … I was now a man on a mission.

    I broke through patterns of behaviour that had been holding me back for years, gave up alcohol, coffee and energy drinks, and consciously chose a vegetarian lifestyle.

  • SEPT 2011

    I produced and released ‘Close To The Edge’ on YouTube. I had no idea the impact it would have across the globe over the next 5 years.

  • 2015

    Went on a journey of self-discovery after the relationship I was in came to an end. I discovered my love for travel and adventure, going skydiving, canyoning, mountain climbing, white water rafting, rock climbing, abseiling and gliding… it was an epic year!

  • FEB 2015

    Switched my diet from vegetarian to 100% plant-based, aligning my actions with my beliefs around my own health and wellbeing, sustainability of our planet and compassion for all living things.

    … My homemade chickpea omelette and green smoothies are the bomb!

  • MAR 2015

    Close To The Edge passes 1 million plays in over 190 countries and is used in countless film and school projects around the world to help raise awareness of bullying and suicide.

  • JULY 2015

    Launched the first Australian event tour for what was then known as The Thriving Network. We ran events in 4 cities and I remember saying to myself at the end of the tour, ‘With the relationships I’ve helped people build, if I don’t get anything out of this, it’s been worth it many times over.’

  • MAR 2016

    Just 5 months earlier, I didn’t have any contacts at all in America, I’d never traveled there and didn’t even know how to dial a U.S. phone number!

    But with a mission so strong, we successfully launched invitation only events in both NYC and Los Angeles in March.

  • APR 2016

    After arriving back home from what was an epic 6 city tour, I noticed myself becoming more and more detached from where I lived at the time and the things that I owned. I felt like I really didn’t need most of the things I had… That someone else would be better off with them than I would.

    I knew something was changing within me, but I had no idea of what was to come and just how big that change was going to be.

  • JULY 2016

    Flew to LA to record new songs about ‘Living An Extraordinary Life’ and ‘Social Isolation’ at 4th Street Recording in Santa Monica, California.

  • JULY 2016

    Expanded The Thriving Collective events into Canada, hosting a private, invite only peer network event in Toronto for some of the best Canadian entrepreneurs.

    I hosted events in 7 cities across 3 countries on this tour.

  • JULY 2016

    Created new experiences for event attendees, including beach tennis on Santa Monica Beach, seeing a professional mentalist perform in NYC and one of our partners got some great quality seats for us at a major league baseball game in Toronto.

  • JULY 2016

    I delivered a talk at MetaFest in Los Angeles on dreaming big, living fully and making a positive impact in the world.

    I combined this talk with my newly produced song and music video about dreaming big, living fully and making an impact called ‘Home’, sharing what makes a life truly worth living.

  • AUG 2016

    After arriving back home from an intense July tour, I started thinking about how I could make an even bigger impact in the world.

    I also felt another pull towards a minimalist lifestyle… this time though, it was much stronger.

    So I gave myself the space to dream, to be curious, to explore who I was, why I was here, and where I was heading.

    Giving myself that space was an incredibly valuable use of my time. It allowed me to become even more aligned to why I exist, and was absolutely essential in the creation of what was next to come.

  • DEC 2016

    After making the decision to live a minimalist, experiential and nomadic lifestyle, I sold or donated 99% of the things I used to own.

    Detaching and truly letting go was an experience that was at times filled with ‘holy crap, what am I doing!?’… but what followed was an absolute sense of freedom to focus on what matters most in my life.

  • Dec 2016

    Once the last of my things were given away or sold, I got on a plane and moved to Costa Rica, to kick off the global initiative ‘The Impact Diaries’.

    The purpose is simple; to inspire people around the world to use their own unique talents and strengths to make a greater positive impact… the more people that do, the better off our world will be.

  • JAN 2017

    To kick it all off, I released my new song ‘Home’, about living an extraordinary life and making an impact through all of the ups and the downs. Here it the latest version blended with some of the remarkable experiences from 2017.

  • FEB 2017

    In a world where we are more connected than ever before, many people are feeling more disconnected… from themselves, each other and the planet.

    So I launched my new song ‘Our Modern Connection’ which shares not only the challenges we’re facing as a species, but also the solution.

  • MAR 2017

    I traveled to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica to help at a sea turtle conservation project. While there, I captured drone footage, interviewed the research team and created this mini-documentary to inspire others around the world to help.

    This was the first ImpactFilm released for the year.

  • MAR 2017

    After 3 months of filming in Costa Rica, the first episode of ‘A Place Called Earth’ was released. The purpose of this short film is to inspire people to make more conscious decisions about how they live their lives and the impact that has on the planet too.

  • MAY 2017

    In May, I moved to Colombia where I spent 3 months capturing the natural beauty of the country for the latest episode of ‘A Place Called Earth’. This short film has now been viewed more than 695,000 times and shared more than 23,500 online around the world.

  • AUG 2017

    Following a remarkable 3 months in Colombia, I moved to Buenos Aires in Argentina… it was outstanding to have a beautiful grand piano in my apartment to record new music on.

  • SEP 2017

    Millennial Magazine begins featuring episodes of The Zone of Impact and A Place Called Earth series that I create while traveling the world.

  • NOV 2017

    I deliver a multi-sensory talk to 700 delegates in Burlington Canada on how to make a greater impact, blending education, a grand piano on stage and drone footage captured from around the world to leave a lasting & memorable impact on the audience.

  • JAN 2018

    After a remarkable 12 months, The Impact Diaries enters into year #2 with Impact Talks, Music, Film & Projects already scheduled for 2018.

  • 2017

    What next? – The future

    We must make some dramatic changes to the way we live our lives if we are to thrive for many generations to come

    I’m more committed than ever to empowering people to make a positive impact in the world through the talks I give, music & films I create, and projects implemented while traveling the world.

    Let’s show what’s possible… Join the movement, and together we can make a real difference in this world.

I believe that every person has the potential to use what they’ve been given in this life, to achieve remarkable things and succeed in a way that only they can. For me, that’s through the talks I deliver, music & films I create, and impact projects implemented as I travel the world with The Impact Diaries.

Albert Einstein once said ‘Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’

So what’s your genius?… and most importantly, how are you using that to make a positive impact in this world?

If you believe that you are destined for greater things, use one of the buttons below to get in touch.



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